Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cheap Movies

My goodness a night at the movies can be expensive. An evening showing can cost as much as $18.00 for two adult tickets. And then you have all those impulse popcorn and snack splurges. You could easily walk away from a movie spending 30-40 dollars. Blockbuster is great but we usually go with the intentions of renting on $4 movie and end up renting 4 or 5! That is $20 out the door! Well, I spotted at my local Walmart this big, red machine in the front of the store and decided to check it out. RedBox can allow you to watch movies at home for as little as $1 plus tax a night. RedBox is a dvd rental service that allows you to pick out movies from a kiosk and return it at your convenience. Since it's only a dollar a night (plus tax), it'd of course be best to return it the following day. If for some reason, you can't return it in more than 25 days, they'll charge 25.00 + tax and the DVD is yours to keep. There's technically no late fees but a DVD for 25.00 is an outrageous price that I wouldn't recommend paying. To make things even better, there's a website called InsideRedbox that list possible coupon codes. The codes allow you to get one night free, so if it's returned the next day, the rental is free! It's as easy as that. I should add that the RedBox movie selection hold some pretty recent movies. You can check out their selection here. You are also able to reserve a movie on-line at your local Redbox kiosk. How cool is that?