Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chuck E Cheese

So, I am not personally a big fan of Chuck E Cheese(just the thought of how much snot is in those tunnels, YUCK!) but the kids seem to get excited. When I came across this I thought it was a cute idea...and free tokens so IT'S ALL GOOD!

Freebie from
Chuck E Cheese has some really cute Reward Calendars and when you fill out the calendar, your child gets free token! Great Deal and a great idea.
Active Kid
Homework Helper
Potty Training
Stop Thumb Sucking
Clean Your Room
Teeth Brushing
Sleep All Night
Magical Manners
Doctor/Dentist Good Patient Award


Jamie said...

OK!! You are so totally on a roll!!! I am SOOO glad that I am your friend and I have access to all your great info!!! You totally rock!!!