Monday, June 16, 2008

Look what I got at Target!!

I must admit...I am a Target addict! Something about that store just gets me so excited! Well, I have really been trying to cut back since I have gotten into this whole coupon, saving a buck thing and haven't shopped at Target in quit a while. Tonight was the night though. I walked in armed with my plan and my coupons. Here is what I got:

2 boxes(166 ct.) Pampers Cruisers @ $55.98
(PG 6/1 $2/2, Target $5 here (must buy wipes too!), buy 2 boxes pampers and receive $10 GC)

2 packs(180 ct.) Pampers wipes @ $10.98

Cheetos Trax @ $3.00
(SS $1/1, Target $1/1 here )

5 Big bottles of JJ Baby Washes @ $13.95
(Johnson's Baby Care 2/$7 and 2/$6Johnson's Baby Oil - $1.00/1Johnson's Baby Shampoo - $1.00/1Johnson's Bedtime Products - $2.00/1Johnson's Buddies - $2.00/2Johnson's Moisture Care Wash or Cream - $1.00/1Johnson's Soothing Naturals - $1.00/1Johnson's Baby Wash - $1.00/1Johnsons Melt Away Stress Moisturizer - $1.00/1)

4 boxes of Bandaids @ $9.60
(5/18 insert $1/1, 6/15 insert $1/1)
(Their was also a target $5 coupon in the 6/15 insert. You had to buy 3 of specified products. I chose bandaids and baby wash and combined with the manufacturer coupons listed, basically got this stuff free!)

Jammies (for my daughters B-day slumber party) @ $5.58(clearance)

Snow cone machine @ $19.99 (husband wanted but will be returning. Found it $5 cheaper at Walmart!!)

Total: $119.08 + 4.94 Tax = $124.02

-$39.00 in Coupons used
-$20.00 in Gift Cards(earned for razor deal a couple weeks ago!!)

Total Paid: $66.02
*And I earned another $10 gift card from the pampers deal!! So all this really cost me $56.02. And if you consider I will be saving another $5 by taking the snow cone machine back to Target because it was $5 cheaper at Walmart, I will have spent $51.02 at Target tonight! Whoot Whoot!! Not to shabby!! I saved almost 60%!

Don't forget you can stack one manufacturer coupon with one target coupon!