Monday, July 21, 2008

$25 Visa from Blockbuster

One of my very favorite blogs is I highly recommend checking her out as she has some great way to earn some extra money! One of her recent post is on how to get some very cheap rentals at Blockbuster!! I plan on trying this out. Here is what she has to say:

Aahhh....a $25 Gift Card for free!

Yeah!! Well, don't get too excited until you read my whole post. It is true, Blockbuster's partner will give you a free $25 Gift Card if you sign up thru this link, BUT there are some stipulations to get this money. And, that is why I am posting. Although the $25 is great, it really is only a means to getting free ( well, almost free ) for the next 6 months. And, well, I thought that was something to cheer about. We love renting movies for next to nothing. Who doesn't? They are the best kind, right?

So, this is how it works:
1. Sign up for here. Remember to use an email address that you set up for deals, online offers, etc.
2. Log into your new account and immediately go to My Account. Once there, click on change under subscription plan. If you are like me, you want the cheapest choice, which is the $3.99 2 movies a month thru the mail. Not as good as the unlimited plan, but hey, it is cheap.
3. Fill your queue up. Even though you changed your account to the lowest priced plan, you still get the unlimited 3 movies at a time for the next month. You paid $9.99 for that ( half price )
4. Mark on your calendar your 6 month anniversary. You must be a paying member for 6 months to get your $25 Visa Gift Card. I always mark my cancellation dates on my planner, in my email calendar and in my cell phone calendar. That way, there is no way I will forget.
5. The price for 6 months is the $9.99 the first month and $3.99 for the next 5 months. If your state charges tax, I am not sure. Each state is different. So, you could potentially have a slightly higher cost than this. Your total comes to $29.94 for 6 months of movies.
6. Receive your $25 Visa Gift card, and you paid only $4.94 for all those movies you rented.

For me, that is less than the cost of one movie at my local Blockbuster! And, I don't have to drive anywhere...just walk to my mailbox.

What a deal!