Thursday, July 3, 2008

This is Nuts!! Planter's and Pert Deal

Get it? This is nuts? Okay, here's the deal......

$3 off Planters when you buy 3 Kraft Products
Here are the links to the coupons (you can print each twice!)
There is a list of Kraft products here.
It has been mentioned that you might want to print these soon because although they don't expire until 8/31/08, this offer has been presented as a 4th of July special so Kraft may decide to pull them soon.
So here is what I did at my Winn Dixie tonight...
I bought 8 Planter's nuts. These were BOGO. The nuts were $6.29 a can. I used 8 - $3 off Planter's coupons. To abide by the coupon rule of having to buy 3 kraft products per $3 off coupon I bought 24 packs of Koolaid. These were 4 for $1. So basically I spent about $7.16(and tax) and got all the above mentioned! The kids love nuts and koolaid so we are set!
I also got in on the Pert deal at Winn Dixie. The currently have Pert on sale for $1.99. Well in last Sunday's insert 6/29 they have $2 and $3 off coupons. So, free Pert shampoo and you get overrage! It's a Stockurtunity!(Totally just made that word up, LOL!)


Jamie said...

You go girl!! You can find a deal AND make up words!! I think you may be famous one day!!!

Kama said...

Wow, thanks for sharing the great deal!