Thursday, July 17, 2008

Want a Wii or Wii Fit?

Have you been dying to get your hands on the latest game for the Wii system, Wii Fit? I know my family has and they are almost impossible to get a hold of in the stores. They fly off the shelves! For your best chances to get your hands on one of these go to and sign up! You give them your email address and cell phone number and when a wii comes in stock on one of the online stores you will get an email and text message alert! Beware though, you must have the fastest fingers in the west because these things SELL OUT FAST!! But trust me, this site works. I was able to get my Wii system this way at Christmas time. Then I went back into my account last night and checked to receive the alerts for the wii fit and as I am sitting here on my computer this morning and all of a sudden I here that beautiful sound from my cell phone. IT WAS A WII FIT ALERT! Talk about a rush! I went onto the site so quick and typed in my information and bam I am the proud new owner of a wii fit!! So, go check out and getcha one! Good luck!