Tuesday, August 5, 2008

More Publix Loot!

This past Sunday there was a Kelloggs insert in the paper! It has all kinds of wonderful coupons that just made my heart go pitter pat! It also had a $10 rebate you could send for when you buy 10 qualifying kelloggs products. Well, I hit Publix this morning to get this deal. Here is what I got:

22- BOGO Kelloggs Pop Tarts

7- Friskies Party Mix(cat treats)

Used in coupons:

11- $1/2 Kelloggs Pop Tarts(8/3 Kelloggs insert)

7 - Free Friskies Party Mix(8/3 insert)

Total Paid: $15.61

Savings of: $45.23

I will send in for my $10 rebate. So for all this stuff I will end up paying $5.61!!

If anyone in this household tells me we need pop tarts in the near future I may just snap! LOL!


Justine said...

Wow that's a lot of poptarts! I would love to do that but poptart eating tends to happen in spurts in my house. I'll buy some, they get eaten, I stock up, then he isn't interested!!

Kimbers867 said...

Love your blog. Just found it on Frugal Hacks.

Do you have any plans for the Pop Tarts official American Idol tokens? If not, my girls and I are big fans and we can get free tshirts with the tokens. I need 12 tokens, if you are not doing anything with yours?


Tonya said...


I'd be happy to send you 12 of the tokens. Email me at mommysavingabuck@yahoo.com with your address! Thanks!