Monday, September 1, 2008

My Publix Trip

Sorry I don't have a picture. I forgot and put everything away because we were trying to get dinner. Anyway think I did pretty good!

Vitamin Water (i was thirsty)
2 Lays Potato chips
4 Boxes Kelloggs Cereal
2 Boxes Kelloggs Cereal Straws
Goodlife Cat Food
2 Perdue Bourbon Chicken
2 Sargento Cheese
Ore Ida Crispy Crowns
2 Pillsbury Toaster Strudels
Deli Fried Chicken tenders(dinner)
6 Lawry Marinades
10 Wishbone Dressings
2 Hellmans Mayonaise
2 Green Giant Veggies
2 Publix Salad Blends
16 Yoplait Yogurts
Grape Tomatoes
12 pack Coke

Total: $86.93

Store Coupon $5
Vendor coupons $45.26
Advertised Special Savings $66.43
Advantage Buys $4.20

Total Savings: $120.89
A savings of 58%!!