Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Free Panty at JcPenney

Sorry if I have been scarse around here but it has been crazy! Have you ever just had one of those weeks? My 15 month old has had a cold, tons of snot, etc. She developed this cough so I decided to take her in to see the doc. Well....she has RSV! UUGGHH! Poor thing. Anyway, needless to say she has been needing extra mommy loving which I am more than happy to give. Unfortunately that means other "stuff" suffers including this blog. Sorry, family first!

Here is a deal I came across that will hopefully make it up to you....

JcPenney will be giving away one Flirtitude panty per customer if you present a printout of the seventeen.com homepage or the front cover of the Dec. 2008/Jan. 2009 cover of the magazine. For every 25,000 pairs they are giving away they will also donate $1 to the JcPenney After School Fund. You can click HERE for all the details!


Jamie said...

OH MY! I hope she is doing better!! That is so hard when they are so sick!!! Definitely . . . family first . . . but blogging is not far behind! LOL!