Thursday, February 5, 2009

Free $25 For Opening An E*Trade Savings Account

Open a free “Complete Savings” account with E*Trade by 02/25/09, deposit a minimum of $1, and receive a $25 bonus within 30 days. One additional bonus: the APY on E*Trade’s Complete Savings account is currently 3.01%.

There are no account maintenance fees associated with the Complete Savings account, no direct deposit requirements, and no minimum balance requirements.
Click HERE to access E*Trade, click the Apply Now button, and select the Complete Savings option.

I have personally taken advatage of these kind of bank offers and this one in particular I did a few months ago. For my $1 deposit I was credited $25 to my account! You can just close it out after that. Easy $25!


Londa said...

Hey Tonya,

Love your blog and took advantage of this offer today. Would like to post your blog with this offer on my blog, if that is okay with you. By the way, looks like the interest rate dropped from 3.01 to 2.5% today, still better than most. My current is 2.45%, so still a bit better. Just thought I'd let ya know. :)

Thanks again for the blog!


Tonya said...

Sure, please share this deal with your readers. Would love for you to post a link back to my blog if you could:)

Londa said...

Cool, will do! Thanks again.