Sunday, April 5, 2009

Amazon Bedding Deal

Oh I love some yummy, soft, luxurious sheets! You know it's is one thing I will spend some money on. But hey i'm a frugal kind of gal so I should be able to find a deal on even these right? Well...I did! Well, not actually me but Common Sense With Money did! And then I decided I could sweeten the deal. Right now has Renaissance 600 Thread Count 100% Cotton Sateen Sheet Set on sale for as low as $39.99 depending on your color choice. The regular price for these sheets is $120!! Plus it qualifies for free shipping. Good deal right? Well it gets better. I happen to have a $20 credit for Amazon because I had cashed in some Swagbuck points. I originally told you here why I LOVE, LOVE Swagbucks. And since signing up I have received about $50 in Starbucks gift cards and $20 in Amazon gift cards. So when all is said and done I am going to have brand spankin new, yummy, $120 sheets for the whopping price of $19.99. Now that's a great deal!