Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Huge Ebay Sale!!

Hey everyone. As most of you know I am a long time and advid ebay seller. I have made a lot of extra money selling my childrens gently used items for extra money towards our household finances. I have also accumulated many things that I have bought (mostly toys) for deep discounts. I have used many of these things for birthday gifts for my childrens friends as well as stocking up during great sales for gifts for my own children! Now....I am cleaning house! I have an ebay store called Cupcakes Boutique. If you have a chance go check it out. I have been a busy bee listing my inventory. Most of the toys I have listed I have listed way below what you would pay for retail. Let's just say I am passing my savings on to you! I can tell you most thigs listed are for about 50-75% off retail price. I simply need it gone!! And these are brand new items. Read the listing just to be sure but most of these toys are new in the package. For all my readers if you find something and would like to purchase it through my store I am offering you a 10% discount on the listed price. Just let me know you read this on my blog and use the code MSABEBAY10! One thing I must charge is a shipping fee however, if you live in my area I would be happy to make arrangements for a pick up to avoid shipping charges. Just email me! Like I said, I have just started listing and have TONS more that will be listed in my store so check back often. I will be listing games, littlest pet shop, bakugan and much more! I will even have some great summer purses I will be listing. This would be a great time to buy some birthday or holiday gifts for a great price!


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