Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Starz Rebate

$50 Rebate for Starz
*Sign up for 3 months of Starz thru your local cable or satellite provider
*Must be a new member to Starz between 1/16/09 and 5/16/09
*One rebate per household
*Mail form by 9/16/09
*Click here to get your form.

I will get 3 months of free service to Starz and I will make money.
My rate for Starz is $12.99 a month. So, at 3 months, it will come to $38.97. This means, I will make a profit of $11.03 plus get 14 free movies channels with Starz.

My husband is very excited!!

Thanks to Money Saving Methods for her always great posts and to my girl Ileana for pointing this one out to me!!