Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Great New Coupon Website To Share!

Time for me to share this great new website with you that I just discovered!  It is called We Use Coupons and it absolutely fantastic!  It is basically a forum setup but once you go to the website and sign up it has hundreds of things to choose from in regards to couponing.  They have a forum for just about every store and people post deal after deal to be found at these stores.  There is even a forum you can go to if you are interested in trading coupons.  It really is a neat site to explore and I have spent so much time just browsing around.  I so look foward to using this to find some great deals that I can post for you all on my blog.  So, go check out We Use Coupons and register so you can start browsing to.  If you would, when you register it will ask if someone referred you.  I would appreciate if you would Mommy Saving A Buck as your referral link:)  Hope you enjoy this site as much as I am!