Monday, June 30, 2008

Possibly Free Diapers

Here is a deal thanks to If you are a Walgreens shopper and don't ming using store brand diapers by following this plan you might be able to score some pretty cheap or FREE diapers. Who doesn't love that? So by combining the EasySaver coupon and the store sale with the current Register Reward deal, you could come out with a sweet deal on diapers. However, the deal can be made even sweeter if you are able to find the $50 Walgreens Savings Book in your pharmacy (you'll likely need to ask for these).

The $50 Saving Book contains another diaper coupon for $2/1 package of diapers. If your store allows you to use both the Savings Book coupon and the EasySaver coupon together (most should accept both--as these are store coupons--but there are reports of not all stores accepting them), then here's how the deal breaks down:

Buy 3 packages of Walgreens brand Jumbo diapers--on sale for $5.99 this week
Use $5/2 EasySaver coupon--this should take $2.50 off each pack of diapers
Use $2/1 Savings Book coupon--this should take $2 off each pack of diapers
Spend $4.47 plus tax out of pocket
Get $5 Register Rewards back
Free after coupons and Register Rewards!

This deal cannot be "rolled", meaning you cannot use the $5 RR you earn to buy more diapers and earn another $5 RR (the computers are set up to not print out another RR for the same deal if you paid with an RR you earned from doing the deal before). However, you can do as many separate transactions as you like and then take the $5 RRs and use them to buy other groceries or items you need! Can you say milk?

I personally am a Pampers fan and am able to stock up on those when deals come around but I may do this deal to stock up on diapers to give to my Teen Mops group! Check us out at I'm sure you could also donate them to a shelter or group if you don't use them! You are getting them for free so you could help bless someone else and then use your RR rewards for things you need!