Saturday, July 26, 2008

Free...almost free books from Borders


It appears that this deal is no longer working! Sorry!

Just want to let you all know about this AMAZING deal through Borders books! Let me just tell you first that I just placed my order and am receiving 35 books! The total before the deal was $108.25. The price that I actually paid.......$1.98!!! Did you read that? $1.98 for 35 books!! Got your attention now don't I? I suppose I could have racked up even more books but to be honest I got tired of looking at the books. I might go back again and get some more. Here is how I did this:

First of all go to BigCrumbs Why do you want to sign up for BigCrumbs? Because when you shop through this website you earn a percentage back on all your purchases! There are tons of stores i'm sure you already order from so why not earn money back from shopping at them? Anyway, please be sure to go through my link BigCrumbs as I will earn a referral. Once you have signed up click on shop and click on Borders. (you will earn 5.4% back on your borders purchase by going through this website if you are a crumbsaver). Now, I just focused on childrens books but look around. I clicked on kids. Then I clicked that I wanted books to come up $10 and under. Once those came up I could click for them to list from cheapest to most expensive. So then I was able to start going through books and adding to my cart which ones I wanted. All the books I picked were $5 and under because the promotion code I am going to give you takes $5 off each book! You can pick more expensive ones just realize you will be paying the difference once the $5 is taken off the book. I actually did read on one blog that you need to at least have a $1 total in your cart for them to let you check out! Once you have all the books you want go to check out. It will ask for any coupons or promotion codes. Put in BR41925. Then update your cart. It should take $5 off of EACH book. Now if you want to pay for shipping to your home you can but if you do what I did and check that you want them delivered to the store it will cost you nothing for shipping! You just have to remember to pick up your books. So, there you go! Practically free books! I was able to get books, puzzle books, etc. They also had tons of flashcards, workbooks to help with school and the list goes on and on. Anyway, I hope you all go stock up on books. Think of all the stocking stuffers or christmas presents you could get! Have fun!

Thanks to for writing about this great deal!


Aimee said...

I can't get this to work; it only takes $5 off my entire order, not each book. Any ideas?

Tonya said...

The only thing I can think is that Borders has caught on and has switched it to $5 off your total order instead of each book. Sorry if you missed out on this deal!