Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Free Photo Paper and Make Money!!

Circuit City is offering free Kodak Photo paper after rebate thru this Saturday, August 11th. It is 100 sheets of Ultra Premium 4 X 6 paper.
The paper is priced at $26.49 and you will receive a rebate of $26.49 within 8 weeks. Click here for the rebate form and details. I don't belive delivery is an option so you will choose to pick it up at your local store. That is fine because that means you don't have to pay for shipping.

Now, you want to make some money on this deal? Go to Ebates here and sign up! If you are a new user they give you $5 just for signing up and making a purchase! So now you have made $5 bucks and have free photo paper.

And it gets even better! Go to Circuit City through the ebates site. Search for product 8505141(this is the paper). When you buy the paper through ebates they will give you 2% back on your purchase! As soon as your balance is over $10(with this bonus) they will send you a check.

Okay, so maybe your already a member of ebates. You can go here to Mr. Rebates. They will also give you $5 for signing up plus you also get 2% back on your purchase.
So, how can you lose? You get some great photo paper for all those pictures you need to print out and you make money on it! Those are the kinda deals I love the best!