Sunday, August 10, 2008

Save Money On Your Groceries!!

I wanted to tell you all about this fantastic site that I belong to called The Grocery Game! Playing this game is easy and can save you hundred's of dollars off of your grocery bill! Every week you get a list (called Terri's list) of the lowest priced products at your store and she matches them to manufacturer coupons and weekly specials - advertised and unadvertised. The list is also color coded. Black items are a good price but buy them only if you need them now. Blue items are for stockpiling because the item is not expected to go any lower. So these you will buy lots of (stockpile) while the price is cheap. Green items are free. They are not buy one get one free but actually free after sale and coupon.

Now, you probably are saying why should I pay someone to do this when I can just research and do it on my own. Well, you could. But believe me it take hours sometimes for me to find the "best deals". Also, just because a item is on sale doesn't mean it is the best time to buy it. It doesn't mean it is the cheapest it will get. The Grocery Game has databases that track the sales history of supermarket items waiting to use the coupon on the rock bottom sales!

There are several stores for you to pick from. I currently subscribe to the Publix list and love, love, love it! But don't take my word for it. Check it out yourself. Go to The Grocery Game and sign up for a 4 week trial for only $1. If you decide you like it you can then continue receiving the list for $8 for 10 weeks. To me this is a deal. By using this list and the savings I receive it more than pays for itself. If you don't find it helps, then you can cancel at anytime!

If you decide to sign up for this please use my email address as your referring member!