Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kmart Double Coupons!

Oh my goodness! I had so much fun this morning even though I am sick. From 10/26-11/1 select Kmarts are having double coupon days. Yep, they will double any coupon up to $2. That means if you have a $2 coupon you get $4 off the product. You can only use 4 like coupons a day and only 75 coupons in one day. You can go HERE to see if your Kmart is participating and HERE to see a great blog and coupon match ups. You can also go HERE to get some great information on this fantastic event. You can get so many things free or very cheap. Here is what I got this morning:

4 Vaseline Intensive Care Lotions
2 Total Advance Toothpaste
4 Crest Toothpaste
4 Crest Kids Toothpaste
2 Dove Shampoo
2 Dove Conditioner
4 Tylenol Rapid Release
4 Tums Smoothies
1 Mitchum Deodorant
1 Healthful Life Cat Food
4 Resolve Carpet Cleaner
4 Whiskas Variety Pack
2 Goodlife Cat Food (this is missing from picture. Cat was hungry!)
4 Renuzit Beads Air Freshner
4 Glade Candles
Pack Manilla Folders

So 47 items!

So total before coupons was $155.15 +tax

My receipt says Total Savings: $57.45
Coupons Redeemed: $61.95

I'm not to sure how those numbers work because I can't get them to add right. LOL! With the coupons I had doubled it way exceeded $61.95. Anyway....

I paid $53.52! However, after reviewing my receipt I believe I was shorted about $15.79 when some coupon errors were made. I will go to Kmart tommorrow and let you know if I get my $15.79 back. I thought my original total seemed a little high. ALWAYS check your receipts. I mean I am not one to make a big deal when we are talking pennies but $15 is a little much. This would make my total spending $37.73! A savings of 76%! Which makes me feel much better! LOL!

Needless to say, this was a great shopping trip and I got alot of good, useful things to add to my stock pile. Have fun!!


The Deal Lady said...

Thanks for the link to my blog! I hope that you are able to get your money refunded. Below is the link to my post that includes the sale items for this week. Maybe you can take advantage of some of them when you go back tomorrow. Hope this helps. Have a great day!