Monday, October 27, 2008

Kmart Update

So....I go to Kmart today after I pick my 3 children up from school to see about getting my $15 from yesterday's coupon spree refunded. Okay, first mistake? Going to Kmart with 4 children. LOL! Nah, they were actually okay. Anyway, I go to customer service and start nicely explaining how I believe I was shorted approxiametly $15. First lady say's there is nothing they can do! I again nicely explain that I can not accept that. LOL! $15 is a lot of money. She goes over to another lady and they start going on and on about how they have no proof, they can't do anything now, bla, bla, bla. Then this other lady gets involved and starts telling me that it rang up like this because of this and that I should have come back yesterday and bla, bla, bla. Now I'm getting a little irritated. Still, I am really not one to make a stink. I certainly didn't plan for this to be a big deal. I just keep trying to explain my receipt and how something was not right. In the mean time my 4 children are getting antsy. So what does any good mother do? I bribe them with candy!! In the mean time they FINALLY call up the big manager. He was very nice, looks at my receipt, asks me to explain and goes to the register. He starts taking stuff off and next thing I know the register reads $17.XX. He asks me to swipe my card. I say, "that is to much money, I only was shorted $15." He say's "just swipe your card, it's fine." I told him I certainly appreciate it and I didn't mean to cause trouble. He said that I had been very nice and patient and that the extra money he gave me was worth his health! He said he has had other people come in that were apparently not so nice. So it was a little stressful but in the end I ended up making some extra money. See, kindness does pay!!