Friday, June 12, 2009

Diaper Stock Up!

Here is yet another great deal on diapers! Remember always buy them when they are cheap and stockpile them. You will be saving $100's of dollars in the long run! This deal is through And yes, I have ordered from them before and they are fantastic. Diapers delivered right to your door! Right now is having there semi-annual sale. They have over $800 worth of online saving coupons available. Here is what I did...

1. Go here and select your size huggies for $39.99.
2. Then I went here and picked up a refill pack of huggies wipes $10.99.
3. Now go to your checkout!
4. You now qualify for free shipping because your total is over $49.99!
5. Use the promotion code SAHUGGIES to get $1.50 off your diapers.
6. Use the promotion code SAWIPES to get $2.00 off your wipes.
7. Use my code BLSDBY4 to receive another $10 off this order!

So for $37.48 you get an extra large case of huggies diapers and a refill pack of wipes! So for reference if you are getting the size 3 diapers(168 diapers) you are paying .17 a diaper! This is a very, very good deal. Always check the cost per diaper to see if you are getting a deal or not. You can go HERE to check out Baby Cheapskate where she has put together spreadsheet showing you the price you need to beat to be getting a good deal.