Friday, June 12, 2009

Mini Screwdriver Set .99 Including Shipping!!

Thanks so much to iMommies for posting this great find today!
This is perfect for Father's Day! Hurry though it is only for the first 2,000 orders. It is a mini screwdriver set and the promotion begins at 9:30PM EST! You will get it for .99 which includes shipping! Hello!!!
You will want to copy code SCRDRIV
After the first 2,000 are gone, than they will be priced $3.99 for the next 2,000 shoppers.
Once they have made it thru those 4,000, the price goes up again to $4.99!!
The regular cost of this set is $15.99!
Want to get in on this deal? Click here to access the site for eForcity! Search for Mini Screwdriver Set w/ 15 bits.